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On Daily Exposure to Web

February 15, 2012

[useless-content] Not the blog reader of 21st century: You don’t like organizing your feeds using a reader application so you can get up every single day, have a cup of coffee and skim through a huge amount of information in your desperate attempt to keep up with the world (you assert that size of coffee cups should be scaled up in direct proportion to growth of web anyway.) That approach is considered harmful since you are a person of multiple mostly-unrelated interests, say a “transdisciplinary person” just to make you feel good. You are exposed to infinite amount of hypertext triggering some ideas, all hyperlinking more hypertext, triggering more ideas. If someone can resist the temptation of following the links when he/she figures he/she doesn’t know about them, it’s all good. You definitely cannot. You tried that once, Soon you were just a blob of confusing bug-ridden ideas in an ocean of much better ideas presented by more intelligent and properly focused. You know your limits, You know an NP-hard problem when you see one. So you only skim through planet sites once a week or so. If you miss something, it is OK. The information is there if you need it later, and when you need information, you like the idea of being exposed to it through an initial point that you specify, i.e mostly a search string. At least, that was the case until recently, you are going through the same process with your Twitter account nowadays. using it as a mini-feed for your interests, dammit! 6 cups a day. [/useless-content]

P.S: You wrote that thing in first-person, then you remembered the almighty blogger rules insisting you shouldn’t talk about yourself. You replaced every “I” with “you”. Now it seems more like the daily inept fortune-telling columns of newspaper. But it is OK.

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